How to become a Member?

Thank you for your interest to become a member of the Association of Professional Coaches we invite you to download the application form and e-mail it to xxxxxxxxxxx to proceed with your membership. We are committed to helping you be the best coach you can be by connecting you with opportunities for network-building and continuous growth. Enrich your coaching career by connecting with the community of coaches in Sri Lanka.

Membership Categories

Membership of the association will consist of the following categories.


Full Member / General Member

Membership shall be open to all Credentialed Coaches under the ICF or any other recognized Coach credentialing body and to all Trained Coaches with certification.
(Only Full members may attend the General Council meetings and vote at such meetings and be eligible for election to the General Committee).
Fee – LKR 4,000/- annual


Affiliate Member

Membership shall be open to Student Coaches who are currently undergoing Coach specific training and to any individual who is interested in the field of Coaching.
Fee – LKR 2,000/- annual


General Eligibility Criteria:

Age above 18 years
Membership committee will evaluate all the membership applications received and will conduct an interview prior to issue the membership
Enrolment Fee – LKR 1,000/-

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